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ADHD Testing and Assessment

We use the latest in computerized testing for ADHD, for children and adults.  The IVA-2 testing software has been proven to be highly accurate 90% of the time.

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Making a clinical diagnosis of ADHD can be quite complex.  In some cases ADHD may be confused with some other disorder, poor motivation, or other factors that do not pertain to ADHD.  In these cases the client may receive inappropriate treatment.  Recent research found that almost 50% of individuals with ADHD are undiagnosed.  Published research has identified the IVA-2 is a sensitive and valid measure for identifying the impairments that are typical of ADHD populations.

Cost of testing: An assessment for ADHD involves one session during which the client history is taken and the test is administered.  On-line or paper questionnaires will be provided for parents, teachers, or any other persons who may be observing the client on a regular basis.  A follow up appointment by Zoom or phone will be provided to discuss the findings of the test and to make recommendations for treatment.  The client will be provided with any documentation needed, such as letters or reports for health care professionals, educational purposes (such as IEP meetings), or any other purposes needed.  The total cost is $175.00.

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