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What is Christian Counseling?

In addition to offering traditional psychotherapy, for clients seeking spiritual help, Dr. McCoy offers both Christian Counseling and Spiritual Direction. 


Christian Counseling incorporates prayer and spiritual guidance in the process of psychotherapy.  This kind of therapy includes a receptivity to the healing power of God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and transformation that comes through spiritual revelation.


Spiritual direction is a process by which one person journeys contemplatively with another who is seeking to discern God’s presence in the everyday experience of their life, thus enhancing growth in intimacy with God, and right relationship with all creation. This ministry has a long and revered history in the Christian tradition. The focus of this ministry is the particular relationship between God and the person seeking direction.


Dr. McCoy is uniquely qualified to incorporate spiritual means into the counseling setting.  She holds a M.A. in Religion and was trained in the principles of spiritual direction at Red Plains Monastery in Oklahoma.

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